Thank you to our Partners for helping to make the Nobel Peace Prize Concert possible.

Hydro sponsorship since 1998

Hydro is a proud partner of The Nobel Peace Center and has taken part in celebrating the Nobel Peace laureates since the first Nobel Peace Concert in 1998.

We think it is important to honour the Nobel peace laureates, who are so dedicated to telling the stories of conflict and demonstrating the pathway to peace. At the heart of the Nobel Peace Prize lies respect and determination – also core values for Hydro throughout our more than 100-year history.

As an aluminium company, Hydro is committed to contributing to viable societies – through the applications of our infinitely recyclable metal and by giving something back to the societies we are part of.

Peace is good for business – business is good for peace

Peace is good for business. Like the people of any society, we depend on well-functioning societies without corruption, human suffering and violation of human rights to succeed.

And just as important: Business is good for peace, because employment and economic growth, respecting the limits of nature, contributes to creating more viable societies.