The Nobel Peace Prize Concert is generously supported by our Global Benefactor, The Pearson Family.

The Pearson Family

Global Benefactor

As the continuing Global Benefactor of the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, The Thomas L. Pearson and The Pearson Family Members Fund is the philanthropic intermediary of Thomas L. Pearson and Timothy R. Pearson, the managing family members, and their brothers, Philip K. Pearson and David L. Pearson (the “Pearson Family”).

By supporting Nobel and its mission with this grant, the Pearson Family is recognizing and honoring the life-long commitment of Rev. Dr. Richard L. and Ramalee E. Pearson, their parents, to inspire and encourage the on-going discussion and resolution of global conflicts.

Envisioning a world that is free of global disputes and is at peace, the Pearson Family aspires to honor those individuals and entities that embrace the ideals of Alfred Nobel by inspiring and making a difference in the global society in which we live.


The managing family members:

Thomas L. Pearson is currently a member of the Executive Council of Cohesive Capital Partners, a multi-sponsor direct private equity firm based in New York City, New York, and advises Cohesive Capital Partners on the perspectives of the U.S. and world economies, global political factors and specific regional or industry matters that assist in the formation of Cohesive Capital Partners’ investment activities. Previously, he was the Senior Vice President – Law, Human Resources, and Administration, General Counsel and Secretary of Alliance Resource Partners, L.P. (“ARLP”) and Alliance Holdings GP, L.P. (“AHGP”), two publicly traded master limited partnerships listed on the NASDAQ National Market and has served as the Vice Chairman of the National Mining Association’s Legal Affairs Committee and the American Bar Association’s Section of Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law.

Timothy R. Pearson
 is the Founder & CEO of Pearson Advisors || Partners, a marketing management consulting firm serving the Fortune 1000, and is a highly sought advisor to senior management and a frequent keynote speaker at industry conferences, leadership meetings and on the lecture circuit. He is the author of “The Old Rules of Marketing are Dead,” the New York Times Best Seller (September 4, 2011), #1 International Business Times Business Best Sellers (August 17, 2011) and #1 USA Today Best Selling Top 150 (August 21, 2011). Previously, he served as Vice Chairman, Global Managing Partner, Brand Management, Marketing & Communications, for KPMG, the global Big 4 accounting, tax and consulting firm, and as a member of the Harvard Business School’s Dean’s Research Society and on the Advisory Board of the Nobel Peace Center, Oslo, Norway.