Each year the Nobel Peace Prize Concert gathers a host and selection of talented artists from around the world to pay tribute to the year’s laureate. The resulting Concert is a virtual melting pot of melodies ranging in genre from classical to rap.

Artist Bio

2012 Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Laleh is possibly Sweden’s most well-kept musical secret. As a multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer, Laleh (Pourkarim, of Iranian descent) entered the music industry in 2005 with her self-titled debut album that peaked at number one in Sweden and went on to become the highest selling album of the year. She has recorded four albums, and her latest “Sjunger” went gold in Norway and Platinum in Sweden. She has also earned several Swedish Grammys: Artist of the Year, Newcomer and the Producer of the Year.

Laleh has built her initial reputation as a stage performer. Early on she had a mindset not to compromise with her artistic output. She studied engineering, and by establishing her own production imprint, Laleh was magnificently able to shape her own fortunes: Writing, performing, recording, producing and engineering all by herself in her studio. She purposely honed her craft over the years, taking time to evolve into who she is today.

It might not be too far fetched to imagine that this attitude is part of the secret behind the success that has already seen Laleh achieve Platinum sales numbers, top the Swedish album chart, as well as bring home several Swedish Grammys. Her first single ”Live tomorrow” (2005) carries the rare distinction of being the longest running hit ever on Swedish radio P3 Charts.

Her second album “Prinsessor” was released in 2006, and her third “Me and Simon” in 2009.  Laleh’s music opens a melting pot of influences as she continues to mix styles and languages (Swedish and English) into something very personal. She took the Swedish language titled Snö (Snow) to full orchestral arrangements with The London Symphony Orchestra for the track written especially for the historical Scandinavian blockbuster movie ”Arn.”

Now she’s remaking her fourth album “Sjung” (Sing) and replacing her three Swedish songs with English titles to create her first international album.

Artist website: www.laleh.se