Each year the Nobel Peace Prize Concert gathers a host and selection of talented artists from around the world to pay tribute to the year’s laureate. The resulting Concert is a virtual melting pot of melodies ranging in genre from classical to rap.

Artist Bio

2012 Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Fanfare Ciocarlia, whose name translates as “the lark’s orchestra,” are the legends of Gypsy brass from Romania who strive to keep a style of music taught by their fathers alive while entertaining audiences around the world.  Forget “Balkan Beats”, forget the hype, Fanfare Ciocarlia are the real deal. Since 1997 their furious style of brass beat has been appealing to punks and headbangers, jazz and funk fans, and those around the world who love music that sounds absolutely unique. Even the classical world has embraced Fanfare Ciocarlia −they have performed at many prestigious philharmonic halls.

Fanfare’s recordings have taken their funky Balkan groove into dance clubs across the planet.

Along the way Fanfare Ciocarlia have been celebrated by critics and championed in all kinds of media: they star in several films (Ralf Marschalleck’s Iag Bari follows the band on tour across Europe), were commissioned by Sacha Baron Cohen to cut biker anthem Born To Be Wild for the Borat soundtrack and have been sampled and covered, championed and emulated, by countless DJs, bands and Gypsy orchestras. Their radical reinterpretations of popular Western standards – including the James Bond Theme and Duke Ellington’s Caravan – show how the Romanian orchestra effortlessly “Gypsify” any music they get their horns on.

Fanfare Ciocarlia have released eight albums, several of which have topped the European World Music charts. Their DVD Brass On Fire was acclaimed by Songlines magazine as “setting a new standard for music documentaries”. They have played over 1200 concerts and like to consider themselves “the hardest working band in the blow biz”. Put simply: nobody does it better, harder, faster, funkier than Fanfare Ciocarlia.

Artist website: www.fanfare-ciocarlia.com
Latest Album: BALKAN BRASS BATTLE (Asphalt Tango Records)
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/FanfareCiocarlia